Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to know the students in my new 21st Century Skills classes. Its been a lot of fun to find out more about each individual student and things that interest them inside and outside of the classroom. They started by stumping me with some pretty fun “2 Truths and a Lie” on their name tags, and making a class playlist (so that they wouldn’t have to listen to music in Spanish all the time!) Next, they shared their areas in which they considered themselves to be experts. Students answered questions about HOW they became experts in these topics, drawing attention to the most important 21St century skill of them all(at least in my opinion!), learning how to learn.  We defined many of the most commonly known 21st century skills, giving personal, academic and professional examples and students made Imovie trailers showcasing these skills as demonstrated by individuals famous in their field of expertise. Additionally, students created Pinterest boards containing information that would help a complete novice get started in that field. Lastly, students made an infographic on the Canva app showing the 21st century skills they feel they excel at already and those that they think they need to work on the most.

It really has been great to see the variety of topics that my students feel passionate about: creative writing, snowboarding, cooking, swimming, horseback riding, soccer, jazz, acting, volleyball, playing various musical instruments, and drawing just to name a few!



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