World Language Week 2017

World Language Week here at Nipmuc is always a lot of fun and this year has been no exception! The sophomores presented their food trucks this afternoon and did an amazing job coming up with fun themes, delicious food and excellent research!

My sophomore immersion students are almost at the end of a unit of study on the cultures of Spain and today we created posavasos or coasters out of ceramic tiles in the style of the azulejos found in Moorish-style buildings in southern Spain, such as the Alhambra. Students used the app “IOrnament” to design the tiles and then with the help of Mrs. Clish, one of our art teachers, we printed the designs in color and the decoupaged them to actual ceramic tiles. With a bit of felt added to the back, they are instant (and gorgeous!) coasters! Students enjoyed creating them and definitely had an appreciation for how much skill it would have taken the original artists to create these geometric designs by hand.

Tomorrow, Spanish 1 students will be participating in the International Buffet, where they will wear the t-shirts they have been creating all week. Each student was given a country and asked to do basic research on its culture and economy. On the t-shirts, students created a license plate with elements representing unique aspects of that country, as well as the name and outline of the country shape on the back. On Friday, they will each bring in dish from that country to share with their classmates. Its always a lot of fun and students are able to try food from all over the globe!




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