Making memes out of refranes

In Hispanic Civilization, Culture and Literature (the 10th grade immersion class), we started out the year by posing the question: what is culture? So far, we have discussed culture’s visible and invisible aspects as well as the forces that impact one’s culture. We determined that studying and understanding culture can help improve communication as well as be a lot of fun (more to come soon on my AMAZING intercultural experience in Spain this week!!). I asked students to identify 5 elements of their own personal culture and share them with the class, giving me another opportunity to learn about them as individuals (and some new English vocabulary– do you know what it means to be “sendy?”) Lastly, we discussed the impact it can have when someone ignores or judges you for an aspect of your culture.

Our first vocabulary list of the year is a list of refranes or dichos, which are sayings or idioms. Each language and culture has their own and I felt like this was a great list to explore as we discuss the impact of culture on society.  While I was away this week, I asked students to choose one of the “refranes” and create a meme for it. There were some excellent and entertaining results! Here’s a few of their creations:


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