AP Spanish Literature

This year, I have the opportunity to teach AP Spanish Literature and Culture for the first time! It is offered as an independent study and students are in 3 different blocks, which adds to the challenge of an already rigorous class. However, students have already shown themselves to be motivated and self-directed and have made a good start. This AP test includes both open response and multiple choice questions, with a listening section (but no speaking). Students will be responsible for learning about literary movements and devices, interpreting works of fiction and placing them in their proper historical context. With the input of the students enrolled in the class, I’ve designed a set of assignments that can be completed individually. In place of class discussions, we will be utilizing Verso, which lets students have online conversations. This, along with textbook questions, storyboards, Quizlet sets and youtube videos, will form the majority of our classwork. I’m very excited about our work this year and hope students are as well!