Spanish 1: Face-to-Face

By Friday, both of my Spanish 1 classes will have completed their first cara-a-cara or face-to-face interview exam of the year. Students are asked to answer 10 of 20 questions that we have practiced daily over the course of the term in a one-on-one interview with me during class time. So far, I’ve been impressed with the skills that my students have demonstrated!  Below is a screenshot of the 20 questions, which include basic personal information, as well as talking about time and date. This type of exam is more authentic than a traditional, written test for this type of “conversational” exchange. And in my experience, students really step up to the challenge! My hope is that right now, my students could interact in the real world with a native Spanish speaker in order to convey basic information like name, age, origin, telephone number and a few more.

Using a Google Form to grade them in real time during the interview, I’m able to share their results with them almost immediately in the form of a spreadsheet. Since students recorded their interviews, the next step will be for them to go back and listen to our conversation while identifying and correcting their errors using my feedback.

As we move into Term 2, we will continue to practice the last 20 questions, but build another 20 before our next interview exam. We will study the difference between tú and Usted, and learn the formal form of all the Term 1 questions as well as practicing talking about others (él and élla forms). Additionally, we will go into more depth on the topic of origin, learning the names  and locations of the Spanish-speaking countries, adjectives of nationality and the concept of gender of nouns.



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