A great start!

It’s been a great start to the year! Spanish 1 classes are well on their way to being able hold a short “small talk” type conversation and are currently working on a “foto habladora” or “talking photo” in Notability. They will fill in conversation bubbles with basic personal information surrounding an image of a person (to be decorated!) and then use the recording feature of Notability to record themselves speaking the information as well. Great writing and pronunciation practice!

Hispanic Civilization, Literature and Culture has explored what we mean when we use the word “culture” as well as spending time describing elements of their personal culture. We have started reviewing grammar and are in the process of revising our first essay. As soon as all the permission slips are in, we hope to begin watching the show “El Internado” as a reward for using Spanish in class!

In 21st Century Skills, we have figured out what those “skills” are and have spent time coming up with examples of people putting them to use in real life. After choosing an area of personal expertise, students researched a person who has been successful in that particular field. They then created an Imovie trailer in which they identified some of the skills that have helped that person be so successful. This was my first time assigning a trailer as a project and I think both the students and I agree that it was a creative and efficient way of getting a message across.


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