“Small talk”

Spanish 1 is coming to the end of their first unit of the year. Every day, we have been adding basic questions and answers to build a short conversation – the kind of small talk you make when you meet someone. In addition to practicing these short conversations with a multitude of partners in class every day, students in Spanish 1 have used their Ipads to take advantage of the ability to record both their voices and to make short videos.

Students made audio recordings of themselves spelling their first and last names, practicing those words as well as the alphabet. They made short videos of themselves describing “¿Cuántos hay?” as they counted objects in order to practice their numbers. (We sped up the videos to make them more entertaining!) As a larger assessment, students collaborated to create video puppet shows using at least one phrase from each of the vocabulary sections learned.

On Monday, they will take a more formal, written quiz on all of the questions and answers learned so far, something that will require them to show their awareness for Spanish punctuation, accent marks and spelling. On Friday, their work on Quizlet – where all of their vocabulary is available to them 24/7 in a format in which they can practice by playing various types of games – was due. Students were required to complete 5 of the 6 possible activities for each set onces, giving them targeted but fun ways to practice on their own time. This work was the majority of their assigned homework for the year so far.

Their quiz will utilize the app/site, Socrative, which will allow students to take the assessment on their Ipads. Because of this, students will get instant feedback on each question as they take the quiz and I will be able to post their grades very quickly as well. It also allowed me to give students to take their quiz last week as a “practice” and, from their comments, they felt like it helped them understand what I was expecting and also realize more specifically the areas they needed to study.


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