Sub plans!

I was out 2 days last week – one for a personal day  and the other because my son was sick for the first time. It is a challenge to create sub plans that will keep students on task and engaged, but I was very pleased with the work that my students in Hispanic Civilization did on Friday! Earlier that week, a student handed me a copy of the Wall Street Journal as she entered class and on it was a picture of Pope Francis. This took us a bit off topic for the day but I was happy to have a discussion with the class about the role of Catholicism in Latin American culture. It turned into a 30 minute review of some important historical dates and people and I wasn’t really sure if any of the information stuck!

So… the class’s assignment while I was out was to make a short video including each member of the class in which they explained the importance of the people, places and events we had discussed! I was happy to see that they remembered a lot and created a pretty nice video. Our 1:1 program makes this type of assignment possible. Check it out!


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