The language we speak can impact the way we act!

The first week of school has come and gone – along with our long Labor Day weekend – and it was a good start to the year! I think that my new 2nd floor classroom is a bit cooler than the 3rd floor was but I’m still hoping that the temperatures drop soon! Students in Spanish 1  participated in an activity on the first day in which they were asked to find something in a photograph of a person from another culture that reminded them of themselves. Student did a great job and we able to identify the main purposes of the task: getting to know one another, getting used to speaking in front of others and, most importantly, finding something familiar in the “foreign.” We now use the term “world” instead of “foreign” language to describe our department, but beginner language students will be exposed to words, ideas, and traditions that are different from those they know.

I mentioned in class that sometimes the words that a language uses have an impact on the way speakers of that language view a topic or think about an idea. Here’s a link to an article by Jessica Gross titled “How languages affect the way we think”  that contains great examples of how the words we use to describe an idea can actually impact our behavior. Check it out!


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